Refactoring to property promotion In this refactoring we show the power of propery promotion, this can save you many lines of code
requires: php 8.0.0

As of PHP 8.0.0, constructor parameters may also be promoted to correspond to an object property. It is very common for constructor parameters to be assigned to a property in the constructor but otherwise not operated upon. Constructor promotion provides a short-hand for that use case. The example above could be rewritten as the following.

Original code

        class User
            public string $name;

            public string $email;

            public string $password;

            public function __construct(
                string $name,
                string $email,
                string $password
            ) {
                $this->name     = $name;
                $this->email    = $email;
                $this->password = $password;


Refactored code

        class User
            public function __construct(
                public string $name,
                public string $email,
                public string $password,
        ) {}


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